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The biggest problem for travellers in Peru is, without a doubt, thieves, for which the country has one of the worst reputations in South America. Many tourists have been robbed over the years. For this reason it is recomendable to take this Bus Company ( CRUZ DEL SUR ). This company pick up tourists only in the bus stations ( not on the streets like other companies do ). Before people get on the bus they are filmed by a video camara which is very close to your face. do not get angry, it is a rule in this company.

The city Lima is safe in certain areas, but just like any big city, like New York or Chicago for example, there are bad areas where you should not go or get lost accidentally. Use your common sense and do not wear jewelry, carry a big purse, or flash cash in the street. If you use common sense you will be alright. If you are a girl, do not take a taxi by yourself unless is a taxi from a company that you called.

Generally speaking, thieves ( ladrones) work in teams of often smartly dressed young men and women, in crowded markets, bus stations and train stations, targeting anyone who looks like they've got money. One of them will distract your attention (an old woman falling over in front of you or someone splattering an ice cream down your jacket) while another picks your pocket, cuts open your bag with a razor, or simply runs off with it. Bank ATMs are a target for muggers in cities, particularly after dark, so visit them with a friend or two during daylight hours or make sure there's a policeman within visual contact. Armed mugging does happen in Lima, and it's best not to resist, and "strangle mugging" has been a bit of a problem in Cusco and Arequipa, usually involving night attacks when the perpetrator tries to make the victim unconscious by strangulation. Again, be careful not to walk down badly lit streets alone in the early hours. Also, in some of the more popular hotels in the large cities, specially Lima.

If you do get ripped off, report it to the tourist police in larger towns, or the local police in more remote places, and ask them for a certified denuncia - this can take a couple of days. Many insurance companies will require a copy of the police denuncia in order to reimburse you . it is much better if you keep with you a copy of passport all the time. Distance lima to Piura by bus is 16 hours , by plain is 2 hours.


Departure time Lima to Piura is at 17:00 . Distance Lima to Piura 16 hours.

Price depends on Peru currency exchange . Now is $ 50.00 dollars ( Lima Piura ticket )

Cruz del sur company is located in Javier Prado 1109, San Isidro . Lima - Peru

For further information CALL CRUZ DEL SUR COMPANY : ( 511 ) 3115050

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